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Real Estate Investments

Real estate investments can be very different from a traditional transaction.  Having a dedicated real estate attorney on your team can mean the difference between a successful, prosperous investment and walking into a money pit.

As an investor, you might need a real estate attorney to help decipher mortgage documents or leases, to come into compliance with municipal laws and regulations, to work out boundary disputes or survey issues, to draft construction agreements, or to structure the appropriate business entity for your investment goals. By hiring an experienced real estate attorney, you can rest easy knowing that you have accounted for all potential risks on your investment.

The laws are continuously changing, so it is important for your attorney to be familiar with these changes in real-time. You want to put your investment in the hands of an experienced real estate attorney on your team and not one who spends most of their focus on divorce mediation or other areas.

By hiring our team of experienced attorneys, who solely focus on real estate matters, you can make sure each transaction goes smoothly, limit your liability, and ultimately save yourself time and money.

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