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Selling your Home

Selling your home may very well be one of the largest financial transactions of your life. Therefore, it is imperative you retain the best real estate legal talent available. As experienced real estate attorneys, our priorities are to guide and assist you through the process from offer through closing.
While selling your home may seem like it should be a simple and straight-forward process, it is in fact overflowing with minute details that can be easily overlooked by a non-professional. While such details may seem insignificant at the time, handing any single one of them improperly can leave you open to having the buyer, their attorney, or anyone else involved take advantage of you. Our job is to prevent that.

Included in our legal representation for your sale is a thorough review of the Real Estate Contract with you to answer all of your questions, make sure you understand all of its aspect, and to ensure all of the provisions are written in a way to be in your favor. Other services we perform on your behalf, saving you the time and headache of handling them on your own, are ordering title insurance, ordering a survey if required, working with any involved homeowner’s association to ensure all disclosures are properly made in the timeframes allowed, and satisfying all municipal pre-sale requirements.

Once we receive the title commitment from the title company, the search may or may not have revealed any obstacles to the sale such as liens, outstanding mortgages or HELOCS, defects in the chain of title, or other issues. We then work to satisfy and correct all of these to ensure the buyer is receiving “clean” title to the property, and that you enjoy a smooth closing.

Next, we then work to prepare you, the property, and the transaction as a whole for the actual closing. This includes, but is not limited to, drafting all of the necessary closing documents such as the Warranty Deed, the Affidavit of Title Covenant and Warranty, and the Bill of Sale.

Lastly, we schedule the closing to best work for you. This can include drafting a Power of Attorney. With the Power of Attorney, you may come to our office any time before the closing itself and sign the necessary documents, which takes about ten minutes. Doing this avoids you having to attend the closing yourself, which can take several hours or longer to complete, depending upon the lender’s responsiveness and other factors outside of your control.

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